The perils of sale emails

I have something to admit. Now, I know we don’t know each other very well (actually, if we are being honest we probably don’t know each other at all) but I feel like I am in a safe enough space to admit that I have a might have a teeny tiny (possibly serious) problem….
My problem is with SALE emails.
It seems every few hours a new email waltzes into my inbox announcing some incredible percentage off gorgeous clothes, a free shipping offer or hot new collection items that I simply have to inspect.
It’s getting out of hand. Surely it can’t be possible for there to be so many sales all at once. So I decided that because I am, like, a totally responsible adult and blah blah blah that I needed to click ‘delete’ instead of ‘purchase’.
Every now and then, one or two emails seem to survive the brutal cutting process. It was from one such lucky email that I recently picked up these gorgeous Sportscraft tops for an absolute steal! Say hello to Miss Olivia-slub-tee in Chartreuse, Miss Helga-mixed-henley in Blush and Miss Heidi-stripe-tee.
I was desperately in need of some three-quarter sleeve tops and I just love the quality and cut of Sportscraft’s range. While I am a sucker for navy stripes I can’t honestly remember the last time I wore yellow, or chartreuse, or whatever you want to call it. But I was so impressed with all three tops and they have been getting quite a good run in my autumn wardrobe.

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