For the love of coffee (and flat lays)


I woke up not so bright-eyed on Saturday morning with a big weekend ahead of me. Not at all daunted (well, a little daunted if we’re being honest) I decided to treat myself to a freshly-brewed coffee, some fun reading and a manicure just to make it all a little more manageable. (Please forgive my melodrama. It’s a bad habit I blame on being a middle child, but I’m trying to work on it, okay!)

I’ve been having fun learning to make coffee. I am still pretty rubbish, but considering I only started drinking coffee a little more than a year ago I ain’t too shabby if I do say so myself. I’ve still got to master frothing and pouring milk before I tackle coffee art, but there’s something so darn satisfying about making a drinkable cup of Joe. I know, I know…I am setting the bar pretty low with drinkable. But don’t worry, next time I’m aiming for a mildly satisfying brew. And who knows, before too long I might ever be making not-too-bad, could-be-worse coffees! Ahhh, to dream….

But back to the beginning of my weekend; it was so nice to just sit by myself, breathe and read the hilariously witty prose of the delightful make-up genius Zoe Foster Blake. Not only can the girl write, but she also now makes a mean skin care line called Go To. I am a big fan of the lip gloss and body oil, partly because they smell so gosh darn good!

With the help of caffeine, makeup and ‘me time’, I went on to have a pretty kick-arse weekend!

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