Time in the garden

I would like to declare upfront that I am no green thumb. Nor have I ever claimed to be. In fact, if I had a lawn I would probably struggle to grow weeds…
But I do love flowers. I love being surrounded by greenery and enjoying the scent and colours of a garden in bloom. So when we were asked to help out in the garden while visiting loved ones I was happy to lend a hand.
Turns out thought, someone who isn’t that skilled at gardening doesn’t have much to offer in a garden (who would have thought!). I helped separate seedlings for someone else to plant and then got distracted by all the pretty things, grabbed my camera and got shooting. Oops!
I think if I ever have a garden it should have a bird bath full of succulents! Surely I could keep those alive, right…
Meet the awesome doggy duo of Rex and Ebony, below! They supervised all the garden happenings and, realistically, were probably more helpful.

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