Monochrome on my mind

Forget March Madness, I’m suffering from Monochrome Madness! Everywhere I look I am seeing black and white, white and black, and puppies! Now that I think about it, that might not be normal; but I’m willing to ignore that to talk about autumn fashion.
There is something so striking and yet classic about monochrome. The combination of bold back and crisp white is a fashion match made in heaven. But I didn’t always believe that. In the past I thought it was similar to doing my taxes, watching golf on the television or standing in a queue that just doesn’t seem to be moving – all rather boring.
That is until I saw some of the gorgeous monochrome prints getting around this season. Polka dots, stripes, geometric patterns and mixed textures made me sit up and really pay attention to this recurring trend for the first time.
First things first, I invested in some quality Bonds stockings and tights to keep my poor little legs warm in the cooler conditions. Black tights have to be one of the most essential items in my autumn and winter wardrobe. They are perfect for layering, something I have learned is essential since moving to Canberra, because they can be worn with dresses, skirts and even under jeans or pants on those days when it’s just so cold you think any exposed body parts might just freeze and drop off! (*And while that might be funny if it was happening to someone else it’s just not pretty when it’s your own face!)
I then spotted an adorable monochrome Forever New polka dot top that I just had to have. There is something so, well, happy about this print! I can’t explain it but wearing this top just makes me want to smile. 
I also added a lovely monochrome cardigan to my wardrobe that I picked up for a bargain from Target. A lovely print at a lovely price. Still on my wish list is the perfect pair of pants for winter. The only problem is I don’t know exactly what those are, but I’m sure they will fall into my hands soon enough. 

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