Coffee and cold weather

On the weekend I somehow found a few hours to myself with absolutely no commitments, plans or husband to babysit. These moments come about much less than they are needed and often totally unexpectedly, but when they do you just have to smile, relax and roll with it!
The weather was fairly miserable, but I was going a tad stir crazy (so crazy in fact that I was seriously considering ironing clothes) so I decided to venture outside anyway. While the air was brisk and the sky was overcast, there was something so refreshing about wandering through the golden tree-lined suburbs. 
I love walking by myself. While it’s great to exercise with my husband, there is something so peaceful about walking alone with nothing but the thoughts in your head and music in your ears. 
I made my way toward the lake and the Kingston Foreshore with no real purpose in mind beyond exploring. Every time I have visited the Foreshore it seems a new cafe, bar or restaurant has set up shop. One time, to my utter delight, I realised that I was now within walking distance to a freakin’ Max Brenner! *insert chocolate-induced drooling sounds here 
I wasn’t disappointed…
The latest addition to the lakeside precinct was the gorgeous Local Press Cafe. It was already proving popular with locals; so popular, in fact, that I couldn’t get a seat. I decided to just order a takeaway coffee but before I realised what I was saying I had ordered almond croissants as well. Good thinking stomach! 
Walking back toward home with a cappuccino in one hand and pastries in the other I was feeling pretty happy with myself, and in my mind I was already planning a return solo trip.

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