My autumn essentials

There are only a few weeks of autumn left but, before winter grabs us in its icy grip, I thought I would take a moment to talk about some of my favourite autumn essentials. From beauty products to bitchin’ beverages, my secrets to surviving autumn are:

  • A scarf for every occasion: While I recently treated myself to what I like to call a ‘statement scarf’ (because I can be wanky like that at times), you really need one great scarf to mix and match with your autumn wardrobe. My go-to autumn scarf is a Witchery gem, pictured, with strong, bright colours and it’s light enough to wear indoors if you want.
  • A great lip balm: I know it might sound more like a summer beauty essential, but having the right lip balm is so important in autumn when freezing winds are threatening to dry those pretty lips right off your pretty face!
  • Copious amount of hot beverages: Whether you drink coffee, tea, hot chocolate or d) all of the above, autumn is the perfect time to indulge and drink up. While I love a coffee in the morning, this season I’ve been enjoying brewing a pot of peppermint goodness in the evening. The Kettle Town brand, pictured, is a new favourite.
  • Gorgeous crockery: Considering you’re so busy drinking hot beverages it’s nice to treat yourself and enjoy them in a beautiful cup. I particularly love these cups and saucers in mint green from the Delicious magazine range at Myer, pictured.
  • Apple pie: No explanation necessary… (not pictured because it’s in my tummy)
  • Hand creams and moisturisers: Thanks to that darn wind again your skin is bound to dry out in the cooler months, so finding (and remembering to apply) a great moisturiser and hand cream is super important. I’ve also been enjoying the body oil in the new Go-To skin care range.
  • Ankle boots: The perfect combination of keeping your tootsies warm while not over heating your legs, ankle boots are an autumn must.
  • A camera: Seriously, in case you didn’t already know, autumn is freakin’ beautiful. Make sure you have your camera handy for the moments when you feel the need to take hundreds of frames of some yellow leaves.
  • Travel inspiration: Thanks to addictive visual aids like Instagram and Pinterest, you can now dream away the cooler months by getting travel inspiration for your next summer holiday. Looking at stunning photos of Tuscany, the Greek Islands, Morocco, Mexico and basically all tropical islands uplifts the soul on those particularly overcast days.
  • Glimpses of sunshine: Getting outside at the right times to soak up some much needed vitamin D is just what the body, and mind, needs in autumn. The feeling of those warm bursts of sunshine on your skin is enough to get you through to the gloriousness that is spring!
But who cares what I think. What do you need to get through autumn in style?

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