Special (Sportscraft) delivery

You check your mail box constantly, waiting, hoping. You track it online, trying to work out when it will arrive. And then, it’s there, a special delivery, just waiting for you to open it….
This Sportscraft delivery came just at the right time. I’ve been busily preparing and mentally packing for a little holiday to Sydney soon and I had been missing a couple of key pieces in my wardrobe – a classic black top and a comfy knit.*
Thanks to another great sale I picked up a black Heidi ¾ tee for a stupidly good price. And then it happened; my eyes spotted a knit that I had been eyeing off enviously for weeks – the Kylie Loveheart Knit. Swoon….
I don’t know if it is the colour combination, the fun print or the nice fit, but I am ridiculously in love with this top. I can’t wait to pair it with a pair of black skinny jeans, nice flats, a cross-shoulder bag, and my Raybans for walking all around Sydney town.
Speaking of good ol’ Sydney, I am still looking for recommendations of places I just have to visit! This is my first time in a few years of visiting Sydney for a holiday, rather than for visiting family so I am excited to do some exploring…
(*Now I know I have talked about my teeny, tiny online shopping ‘problem’ but I have been behaving myself lately so let’s just ignore that post.)

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