For the love of holiday lists

Four days out from my trip to Sydney and I am madly planning all the things I want to see and do while I am there, and trying to work out how I am possibly going to fit that many things into five days!

I haven’t been to Sydney as a tourist/visitor/all-round nice gal in a very long time. Mostly when we visit it’s to catch up with family and try and see friends. We rarely get into the city centre itself, which explains why I am so excited that I’ve already made a list of everything I’m going to pack, re-wrote to list to be slightly more practical, and that scratched the second list and just went crazy and piled a whole bunch of clothes and shoes on my bed in a vain attempt at ‘packing’…
But, for now, packing takes a back seat to my list of all the things I want to try and do when I’m in Sydney:
  • Brunch at The Grounds of Alexandria 
  • Walk through the Botanic Gardens
  • Cocktails, lots of cocktails
  • Dinner at Jamie’s Italian
  • Lots of shopping please
  • Visit the stunning Queen Victoria building for some more shopping
  • Spending time with my crazy siblings
  • Try lots of different coffee and get a crazy buzz
  • Be an uber tourist for the day and visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and Darling Harbour
  • Eat my way around Surry Hills
  • Catch up with some friends
  • Eat some dumplings
I am starting to see a trend of shopping and eating developing here but I just don’t  care! If you have any suggestions pretty please share them cause I do so value your opinion, gorgeous human being that you are!

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