We’re all going on a Sydney holiday


After a busy first half of 2014 I was hanging out for a little holiday and Sydney ended up being the perfect spot. It offered the chance to see loved ones as well as plenty of shopping, eating and relaxing opportunities (with cocktails of course, silly) – just what any good break needs!

After checking into our hotel it didn’t take long before I was out the door, credit card in hand, to visit Pitt Street for some much needed shopping! I picked up some gorgeous winter knits at Witchery and restocked my makeup supplies at Myer, including some of my favourite Clinique mascara. Antipasto, pizzas and Aperol Spritz at Mach 2 was a lovely and relaxed way to end the first day.
 The next morning I strapped on my walking shoes (Converse, of course) and began exploring for real. Throw in some photography exhibitions, a walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens, a visit to Darling Harbour, and some mandatory sightseeing at the Opera House and I was exhausted! But I bravely mustered up my strength to visit the always delightful Queen Victoria Building for some retail therapy. I got my hands of a stunning Sportscraft necklace and some sweet treats from Zumbo. Dinner that night was at the colourful Mejico, and the soft shell tacos and jalapeño poppers were just what the doctor ordered!
Friday was a day for exploring city centre and The Rocks before what can only be described as gorging with family at Jamie’s Italian. So. Much. Delicious. Pasta. Plus we simply couldn’t go past sampling the Meat Plank…and the arancini. How can anyone say no to arancini?
We ended the evening with cocktails looking out over the city from the 360 Bar in the Sydney Tower. The combination of mood lighting, premium drinks and sparkling city lights is rather spectacular.
The rest of the weekend was spent with some very important people in my life reminiscing, sharing stories and catching up. I strongly believe three things in life are absolutely true:
  1. Nothing is as truly delicious and satisfying as hot chips with tomato sauce (come on people, it’s freakin’ carb heaven!)
  2. Anyone who doesn’t melt at the sight of puppies is heartless (especially when they do a TV special on Guide Dog puppies…so stinkin’ cute…); and
  3. Time with people you love is the very best thing for your soul!
We ended the weekend with my very first visit to The Grounds of Alexandria, which was so spectacular it will get its own post shortly. All in all, it was just the trip I needed and I’ve come home feeling chilled, happy and (very) full!

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