The Grounds of Alexandria

Creamy coffee. A delicious cheeseburger. Bouquets of flowers. An old English phone box. Fresh lemonade. The smell of baked goods. Children playing. Baby goats, chickens and a pig named Kevin Bacon…was this heaven?
Close enough – this too-good-to-be-true dreamland is better known though as The Grounds of Alexandria and it’s a creative site in Sydney that combines cafe, restaurant, gardens, a florist, a petting zoo and markets in the one beautiful space.
Located in a gorgeous former factory from the early 1900s, The Grounds of Alexandria had been on my ‘must visit’ list for a while now. So a recent trip to Sydney to catch up with my loved ones was the perfect excuse to finally check it out, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Despite the threat of rain the place was still packed when we visited. The cafe was overflowing so we decided to skip the queue and grab a bite to eat from the barbecue and dine alfresco in the gardens. Burgers and coffee was the order of the day and they were both freakin’ delicious. To finish of the meal we sampled brownies and hot chocolate that the staff brought around the gardens for everyone to taste.*
After eating our fill we kindly gave up our table to another family and began exploring. I had to visit the famous Kevin Bacon first, but I have to say, he wasn’t exactly what I could call exciting. He was basically asleep every time I went over to say “hi”, but I was keep in giggles by one of the kids (and by kid I mean baby goat not crazed child) that was staring frozen, obsessed by one of the chickens. It just chewed slowly, entranced, while eyeing off this bird and you could just imagine what was going through its little mind…poor chicken probably doesn’t stand a chance!
One of my favourite spot in the grounds was the Instagram-worthy florist. Not only was it decorated ridiculously beautifully with incredible attention to detail, but the range of flowers was divine and included my all time favourites – peonies!
We finished the visit with glasses of rose lemonade (as amazing as it sounds) and picked up some jam doughnuts for the car trip home. I’d love to return to The Grounds, perhaps when it’s a little less busy, and try out the cafes menu extensively, grab bunches of flowers, about two litres of the freshly-made lemonade and pretty much everything in the bakery….you know, a normal brunch with friends.
*I like free food and I cannot lie, you other bloggers can’t deny, when a waiter walks in with an itty bitty brownie and a hot chocolate in your face, you get sprung!

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