Take me to my happy place

There are a few places in this world that are incredibly special to me for a variety of different reasons. Like great abs are to Chris Hemsworth, a quick wit is to Bill Bailey, and bad dance moves are to Jimmy Fallon, these places play an important part in who I am.
One is my childhood family home that welcomes me back from the moment I walk through the front door and into its warm embrace. It’s a place full of sentimental treasures, gorgeous people and, most of all, memories. Everywhere I look I am reminded of great moments of my life, of lovely people and epic stories of love, loss and Milo. Built by my parents from the ground up, this place will always have a special spot in my heart.
Another of these places is the apartment my Husband and I bought and slowly but surely, piece by piece, space-saving device by space-saving device, made into our home.
There are special places that I remember when I am feeling sad, or homesick, or lonely – places like the spot where my girlfriends and I would sit at lunch during high school and catch up on the daily gossip; or the flat my grandmother moved into to be closer to her family and where I set the smoke detector off twice trying to recreate her recipes. There’s also the creek on our family property where, growing up, I would spend hours swimming and playing with my siblings; or the dirty old pub where I’d go dancing with girlfriends after work and we’d have an absolute blast despite both the smell and the clientele.
There are also places that now I can only re-visit in my mind, like the balcony of our hotel room on the Amalfi Coast, the kitchen of a villa in Tuscany where we spent hours eating, drinking and laughing, or the base of the waterfall in Scotland where my love proposed.
While it’s not always possible to revisit your special places, I am lucky enough to have another ‘happy place’ only a few hours from Canberra. In the sweet coastal town of Merimbula is a house that has become another home for me. Over the years it has been a place for celebrations, for family and for laughter (often over a few bottles of fantastic wine).
A long weekend with loved ones was on the cards most recently and came at the perfect time. Two nights of fascinating conversation, rich food, long walks, coffee, breathtaking sunsets and a warm fire was all I needed to be able to return to real life with a renewed enthusiasm, a fresh outlook and a smile on my face.
What’s your happy place?

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