Wonderful winter wardrobe

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s cold out there little ones. Winter has well and truly arrived in Australia which means two things: 1. it is time to rug up in your favourite winter clothes, and 2. I can no longer say the classic Game of Thrones line – “winter is coming….”
Basically it’s hard times out there. So here are some of my essential winter wardrobe items to help you make it through to spring:
  • Layering tees: I like to have a mix of classic black and white long-sleeve tees to wear throughout winter under just about anything. I also have some grey and navy striped tops too that I throw in the mix. Some of my favourites include Bonds, Sportscraftand Witchery.
  • Jumpers: A piece that gets a lot of wear during winter is a soft, cosy hoddie. I have one in blackand one in greyfrom Bonds to go with just about everything in my wardrobe, whether I’m brunching with friends or sprawled on the couch.
  • Winter knits: This was something that had been missing from my wardrobe for the past few years. When it comes to knits you just have to go with quality, because the comfort factor and fit (not to mention the lack of itch) is worth the extra cost. I am currently rocking one super soft, white relaxed knit and a cropped grey beauty, both from Witchery (find a similar styles here).
  • Jacket: An irresistible camel jacket from Michael Kors was my winter investment piece this year and worth every cent. It complements my entire winter wardrobe, keeps me toasty warm and cuts through some of the bulk that comes with layering with its cinched in waist. Love it. Love everything about it.
  • Jeans: Surely jeans are one of the most important items in any gal’s wardrobe? You can dress them, down or sideways and they can be worn all-year round. I am currently loving these skinny ripped boyfriend jeans from Myer, but also can’t go past a pair of classic black skinnies.
  • Warm dresses: I love my dresses, especially for work, so if I can get my hands on a long-sleeve or even three-quarter dress I don’t let go. I have a classic knitted black Sportscraft dress that’s great for a night out, but for more casual wear I love these two striped Bonds dresses in cream and blue, and grey and pink.
  • Tights: When I’m not wearing jeans in winter you can bet your bottom dollar I will be rocking some black tights. Having a great, thick pair of tights means you can still wear all your skirts and dresses despite the chill in the air. Most black tights will do the job depending on the level of opaqueness you desire, but for thicker pairs I like Bonds.
  • Scarves: Scarves can be used to add some colour to your winter wardrobe. I have a classic grey woven scarf from Forever New with silver highlights that is my go-to piece (find a similar style here), but I also love their leopard print. An old favourite is a gorgeous scarf from Witchery full of blues and bold pinks (Find a similar style here).
  • Channing Tatum: No further explanation necessary.

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