Moments to myself

Little moments of peace and quiet can be rare in life, so it’s important to make them most of them. I don’t know about you but here are some things I like to do when I get time all to myself:
  • Read: I don’t care whether its books, magazines, the paper or my Facebook feed, sometimes I just need a bit of quiet time to catch up on my reading.
  • Sleep: I don’t normally nap because most of the time I just wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a train (and sometimes looking like it too), but every now and then its kind of nice to curl up on the couch and close my eyes.
  • Dance: Crank up the music and put on your dancing shoes, cause there’s no one to judge your questionable dance moves!
  • Drink coffee: Now, I love catching up with people over a cup coffee, but it’s also just as lovely savouring a freshly-brewed cup all by myself – preferably in my track pants.
  • Walking: I like to get out of the apartment and wander down to the shops for a bit of alone time. It just so happens my shops also have an excellent newsagent full of magazines, more bakeries that you can poke a stick at and coffee shops everywhere you turn. Plus, you know, fresh air and all that good stuff.
  • Eat: Time alone means you don’t have to share that super yummy treat you just happened to pick up on your walk…
  • Watch TV: Having the house empty means I can catch up on all the shows no one else wants to watch or that you don’t want to admit to watching. It’s the perfect time for guilty television viewing.

What about you? What do you like doing when you have time to yourself?

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