It’s off to market I go

After a few days away from home I returned to find my fridge was looking pathetically empty and my poor excuse for a pantry was bare.
The bloody groceries fairy had been slacking off again and forgot to magically fill my house with food while I was away. But instead of carrying on about the unreliability of fairies, I made a special visit to my favourite food market to do it myself.
I love shopping at the markets because of the atmosphere, the variety and the quality of food you can get. The Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets are always buzzing with shoppers and while the crowds can make walking from shop to shop a little slower, it all adds to the great atmosphere.
Everywhere you walk you can smell the most amazing things – freshly baked breads, ground coffee, ripe mangoes, more cheese than you could possibly imagine, sizzling sausages, roasting peanuts,  cakes, olives, chai, chocolates, flowers, flowers and more flowers.
Whenever I visit I go straight for fruit and vegetables and fill up my trolley. This time I made sure to get some ripe tomatoes, lots of strawberries and three avocados because avocados are the best and I won’t hear a bad word said about them!
Next, it’s off to the butcher, then the baker and the deli (sorry but I don’t think they have a candlestick maker). There is a nut shop I also love to check out because not only can you pick up just about any seed, nut, grain or legume you could ever want, you can also get freshly roasted and crushed peanut butter made only from peanuts.
I also love to visit one of the green grocers because they have a room full of fresh flowers for almost nothing. I buy a big bunch of roses for $10 and it fills my three little vases and one big old thing easily. Finally, if I have time, I’ll grab a coffee and maybe a sweet treat from Bean & Grain. The only challenge then is carrying all this delicious fresh food back home!
What’s your favourite thing to get at a market? Is there something you simply couldn’t go home without?*
*If you say avocados we might just end up being friends for life, but no pressure.

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