My favourite things: Affordable fashion

Everyone loves a bargain, right?
“Of course we do, you silly girl!” you all respond enthusiastically through your screens.
My bad. Of course you do!
Now I do know for an absolute fact* that we all love a great fashion bargain and I recently found some great items to add to my winter wardrobe without hurting my hip pocket.
  • Jeans: I liked the idea of coloured jeans in principle but had never managed to find a pair I liked – until I saw this gorgeous shade of raspberry in denim form! On sale for $35 at Myer, these babies are an absolute bargain and fit like a dream.
  • Knit: I picked up this great top from Target for about $30 a few months ago and just love it. It’s a relaxed fit and super comfy, plus the classic colours means it goes with just about anything. (No longer in stock, but you can find similar tops from Target here)
  • Boots: I’d been looking for an ankle booth without a gigantic heel for way too long so when I saw this cute pair at Myer I just had to make them mine. At $49 they are a steal!
  • Lipstick: Revlon is my favourite brand for affordable cosmetics and I love their lipsticks, especially this nude shade. You can find a similar shade from Priceline here.
Where do you like to get your fashion bargains from?
*Disclaimer: This ‘fact’ might have been entirely made up by the author. 

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