I’ve got this in the (new) bag

When I buy a bag I’m making a commitment. I am committing to using that bag and only that bag for at least a year. Why commit to a bag, you might ask. The answer is simple – I’m kind of lazy.
Do you realise how much crap I have in my bag and how annoying it is to switch it all between bags on a regular occurrence? I might make an exception if I’m taking a clutch on a night out but to do this regularly is just madness. You have to make sure you have all your vital stuff like wallet, keys and glasses, but you also don’t want to misplace you little life essentials like lip gloss, pens, tissues, bobby pins and hair ties.
Switching between bags is just asking for trouble if you ask me (not that you did). But I was prepared to go through the big switch over when I laid eyes on this particular beauty. In the process I discovered more bobby pins than I ever knew I had, lots of tissues, two pens, a few receipts, some nice lippy and earrings I thought I had lost! #winning
A bigger bag means more stuff to put in it and I thought I’d give you a sneak peak as to what made the cut:
  • Essentials: Obviously my wallet, keys, phone, tissues, asthma inhaler and some pain killers, just in case.
  • Sunglasses: I always take my Ray Bans with me. I bought this classic pair of sunnies while on my honeymoon and they are my first pair of decent, good quality glasses. I love the shape of these bad boys and that they easily work with both feminine and masculine outfits.
  • Lip gloss: I have my Go-To Lips in my bag as my go-to lip gloss but I also have Revlon Colourbust Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya (how cool is that name) for a bit of colour on the go.
  • Skin care: I love my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion for a quick moisture boost and for a handy hand cream I can’t go past MOR’s blood orange.
  • Mascara: I am crazy about Clinique mascaras and the LashPower Curling Mascara is particularly great because it uses tubular technology. Basically this means it never smudges, rubs or stains your skin. It gives you an awesome set of lashes and then to take it off you just need warm water. It’s seriously the best.
  • Perfume: Christian Dior’s J’adore travel perfume. Enough said.
  • Hair: I normally have my hairbrush, some travel hair spray and bobby pins in my bag if I have room. My hairbrush is not pictured because it’s fairly embarrassing. I’ve had this Body Shop hairbrush for more years than I can remember and refuse to part with it, despite a clear lack of most of its bristles, because it just works exactly how I want it to, dammit.
  • Books: I normally have a diary or notebook in my bag and sometimes I will have a book or my iPad for my reading pleasure.
  • Water: I feel like I never drink enough water, no matter how hard I try, so now I take some water with me when I can. This little travel bottle of Antipodes is perfect for a handbag.

So now it’s your turn – what do you have in your handbag?

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