Big new look for a little blog

New look for the blog. I know what you’re thinking little ones – “holy moly, everything looks amazing on this updated and glorious blog!”

Well, thanks very much! As your keen eyes have detected, the blog has undergone a makeover and a move from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. A new home for the Little List Of Mine blog calls for a fresh new look, with some added features thrown in for good measure, like the gallery and more refined categories.

But this apparently effortless transformation has been anything but! It’s a big task updating and moving a blog so there may still be some little quirks to iron out. Hopefully though I can get this new site wrinkle-free in no time at all, but until then I’d love to know what you think about the change. Anything you love? Anything you hate? Any recommendations for ironing out website issues without burning anything?

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