My favourite things about winter

We are in the middle of a rather frosty winter and I keep hearing people grumble/beg/moan “can’t it be spring already?” To those people I say in a rather obnoxious yet witty tone, “would you like some cheese with that whine?”

But seriously, rather than complain about the cold, make the most of this rather dramatic season and use it as the perfect excuse to relax and indulge. Still not convinced? Well, here are some of my favourite things about winter that might change your mind, you summer-loving fool!

  • Winter fashion: In all seriousness, how awesome is winter fashion? You basically have an excuse to wear jeans for three months straight, which is always a plus in my book. There’s stunning jackets, glorious boots and warm winter knits, plus you have a license to accessories with carves, gloves, beanies and stockings.
  • Red wine: I normally prefer a sparkling or white wine to a robust red, but a cold winter’s evening really is the perfect time to share a bottle with friends (or, you know, enjoy it alone while you sit on your couch in your pyjamas – whatever floats your boat).
  • An appreciation for sunshine: Chilly mornings and brisk evenings give you a greater appreciation for the feeling of warm, golden sunshine on your skin.
  • Movie dates: Baby it’s cold outside, so why not move your dates indoors and perve on The Rock at the same time? Plus, a movie date means snuggling (and more popcorn than you could or should ever eat).
  • Getting to know your bed: One the particularly nippy mornings, there is nothing better on earth than staying wrapped up in the warm wonderland that is your bed. Unfortunately, you can’t spend every day lounging around in your doona, but on those days you can, you must savour it.
  • More time with friends: Unlike the busy months of spring and summer, most people have a lot more free time over winter, which means it takes a lot less effort to organise coffee catch-ups, long breakfasts, the ever-popular brunch that runs into lunch, dinners out and the occasional house party. Your friends will never be as available as they are in winter!
  • Getting shit done: If you’re smart (and I know you are) you will also use your free time over winter to get some shit done. Think along the lines of that project you’ve been meaning to finish for ages, but just never found the time to start; odd jobs around your house you’ve been putting off until a rainy day; rediscovering the art of writing letters; sorting through your cupboards for a hit of some sentiment joy; or, powering through that pile of work that has been building steadily while you were gallivanting around in a state of summer-induce indifference!
  • Warm, freshly baked croissants: Because I said so…

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