Dressing up my dresser


I’m currently in the process of a spring clean. Now, I do realise it’s still winter, so it’s not technically a ‘spring’ clean, but I’m trying to be super organised and get the place looking great before we put it on the market.*

The bedroom is proving to be a task to say the least. I’ve been slowly sorting through the wardrobe, culling clothes, and trying to have some sort of system to where everything goes. That was too hard – so I decided to pretty up my dresser instead!

  • Mirror: I bought myself a double-sided mirror so that I don’t always have to rely on my foggy bathroom mirror. The extreme zoom side is a little disconcerting though, so I make sure the regular side is at the front at all times.
  • Peony: I wore this dried peony in my hair on our wedding day and so I like to keep it close by to remind me of that glorious occasion. I’m also such a smitten kitten for peonies.
  • Jewellery boxes: I pulled out my boxes of my wedding rings and Pandora bracelet to display on my dresser. I also left this lovely jewellery box out that was given to me by my in-laws because it’s such a practical thing for a gal to have.
  • Earrings dish: I love this mint dish for throwing in my earrings at the end of the day. It was a great little find at Freedom.
  • Flowers: I like to bring some fresh flowers into the room whenever I can and this matching mint vase is the perfect way to add a pop of colour.
  • Lipsticks: I’m a firm believer that Chanel deserves to be shown off. I decided to bring all my lipsticks out from the bathroom and put them on show. One of the surprising benefits of this has been that I’ve been inspired to wear lipstick much more than just on special occasions.
  • Jewellery stand: This was a gift from my parents years ago and it’s such a great thing to have for displaying jewellery like necklaces and long earrings.
  • Perfume: Over the years I’ve bought and been given some beautiful perfumes. These babies are so damn pretty on their own right they deserve to be seen on a regular basis, instead of hidden away in my bathroom cabinet.
  • Pineapple: This funky pineapple was a wedding present that I just love! It’s such a fun piece to brighten up a room, plus it’s a great place to hide odds and ends like extra buttons and thread.
  • Ceramic platter: When I saw this platter in Shop Girl Flower Girl I just had to have it. It’s so sweet (plus matching mint) and it’s a great item for displaying other little gems.

Now that I’ve shared this little achievement of mine it’s back to the grindstone of cleaning house. Unless you want to distract me some more and share what you have on your dresser?!?

*I probably should have included a super serious, boring adult warning at the beginning of this article. My bad.

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