Bits and pieces from Braddon

Croissants and flowersJoni MarieJuice and flowersI had a Saturday morning to myself and no plans – basically my idea of heaven. Instead of getting better acquainted with my bed though, I decided to venture outside the confines of my apartment.

I was craving coffee and I wanted some fresh flowers, plus I kind of just felt like wandering, so a trip to Lonsdale Street was in order.

All along the main street of Braddon are coffee shops, boutiques, cafes and construction sites – this industrial inner-city suburb is becoming one of Canberra’s best kept secrets.

I took care of my coffee needs with a caffeine hit at Lonsdale Street Roasters, while enjoying some people watching. Once I was a functioning human being again I wandered over to the Lonsdale Street Traders for a bit of retail therapy.

Every time I enter this former warehouse my eyes are immediately drawn to the florist, Moxom and Whitney. On this visit I picked up some beautiful blooms and a massive mason jar to add to the collection.

As you’ve probably guess by now with all this talk of coffee, mason jars and boutique shops, this area is a hot spot for hipsters. Now, while I have no desire to become a hipster, it is fun to observe them in their natural habitat.

I even tried to imitate them to better fit into my environment by grabbing some green pressed juiced from the local juice bar as I made my way back down the street (at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

Two shops down from the juice bar is the Autolyse Bakery where I just had to buy some freshly-baked croissants…and a blueberry tart. Don’t judge me – if you’ve ever tasted anything from the Autolyse kitchen you’d understand I had no choice in the matter.

Some window shopping at the Designer Op Shop, a little peek at the newly-opened Hopscotch bar and some fantasising about the eggplant parmigiana from Italian and Sons and it was time to head home.

How did you spend some Saturday morning?


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