Get those juices flowing


It’s time to get your juices flowing! Get your mind out from the gutter and into the kitchen, because now is the time to make some healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable juice.

The warm weather is just around the corner, making it the right time to perfect some juice recipes to keep you full of energy throughout spring.

I love my little old juicer; it was a hand-me-down from my mother and still gets quite a bit of regular use. I love juicing all sorts of fresh fruit and vegetables, blending them together and experimenting with different flavour combinations.

The main ingredients I like to use are oranges, carrots, melon, citrus and the odd bit of kale every now and then. Ginger, greens and berries can also be great, but I admit I prefer to blend berries in smoothies.

I am a firm believer in altering the quantities of fruit and vegetables in a juice to taste, but here are some of my favourite mixes so far that might give you a good base to work from:

  • Fruit mocktail: This mixture is a newbie but a goodie! I mix equal parts pineapple, oranges and watermelon with a spritz of lime juice. It’s super fresh and I love the favours of the watermelon and pineapple – it just tastes like summer to me.
  • Green with envy: My first venture into the daunting world of green juices was a moderate success. With this healthy drop I just blend two apples with some kale leaves, two celery sticks and one fresh, peeled lemon.
  • Orange juice with a twist: My go-to juice is a simple blend of equal parts oranges, carrots and watermelon with a spritz of lemon juice. My hot tip is to wash but not peel the carrots to make sure you’re getting all those nutrients as you guzzle down your concoction.

I’m always looking for different recipes and blends, so if you have any juices recipe you love, please feel free to share them here for all of us to enjoy.

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