You’ve got (surprise) mail


When I found the mail slip in my letter box my first thought was “good god – how bad has my online shopping addiction become that I cannot even remember buying whatever this is!”

But don’t worry little ones; my addiction is totally under control. The package slip wasn’t for something I had bought while under the influence of an online sale-induced frenzy; it was actually for a surprise gift.

Now, every now and then I get sent something special from friends or family. My mother is the best at it; she has sent me everything from zinc tablets in winter to stop me getting sick (thanks mum) to a batch of biscuits sent to my work to cheer me up (much to the delight of my colleagues). I certainly don’t receive chocolate chip cookies through the mail on a regular basis, but inside this package was something just as special.

The pretty pick parcel contained a gift from the super lovely Go-To Skincare team. Now, you’ve most definitely heard me go on and on about Go-To products right here on and that’s because they are among the most awesome skincare products I have ever tried. So you can imagine my delight to find two of their peachy products and a thank you note. Go-To’s Properly Clean and Exfoliating Swipeys had been on my list to buy, so I can’t wait to take them for a test drive.

What’s the best surprise gift you have ever been given?

Note: I was so excited with my gift I decided to complete the set and rushed online to order the Very Useful Face Cream, so maybe everything isn’t so hunky dory with the ol’ shopping problem after all. Oops!



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