Simple breakfast solutions


If you are anything like me, mornings can be something of a challenge at times…

…and by ‘at times’ I mean EVERY. FREAKIN. DAY.

Mornings and I have a rather uneasy truce. Or perhaps I am just way too close to my bed. Either way, it can be a struggle for me to get myself up and functioning.

Over the years I have perfected some super speedy and easy weekday breakfast options to get me out of the front door before the morning is technically over.

I’ve shared recipes for my scrumptious smoothie bowl and my decadent berry muesli sundae before, and here are a few more to add to the collection.

  • Strawberries and cream: Toast can be the quickest (and most boring) of the breakfast options, but I like to jazz it up a little. I love a light cream cheese spread topped with fresh strawberries, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup. Plus, you can have this toasted, topped and in your gob in no time at all!
  • Awesome avocado: I LOVE avocado. I love avocado so much that I could easily write a post dedicated solely to this glorious green gem, but that might be a bit over the top. What I will say without overstating things is that avocado on toast with some salt, pepper and lime juice is one of the best things in this world.
  • Berry bliss: I love berries and one of the easiest ways to get your daily dose is through a smoothie. My little tip is to use frozen berries. Not only are they considerable more affordable, but most berries hold their flavour really well in the freezer. Using frozen berries in your smoothie also means you don’t need to add ice to make your smoothie chilled and a nice, thick consistency. I keep my berry smoothies simple: lots of different berries including blueberries and raspberries, chai seeds, honey and skim milk.
  • Munch on muesli: You really can’t go past a classic option like muesli. I love adding lots of yummy things to my muesli like fruit, seeds, nuts and honey, but a quality muesli can also be enjoyed just with milk. Can’t get easier than that.

I’d love to hear about your favourite breakfast dishes that get you through the week. Are you all about the smoothie or are you a Weet-Bix fan?

Note: lovers of Vegemite need not respond…just kidding…kind of…

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