My spring fashion staples


The days are starting to get longer; the warmth from the sun feels that much stronger; pale bare legs are starting to appear everywhere. Spring has arrived!

This is the season for flowers, picnics and alfresco dining. It is also the season of floral prints, sandals and oh-so darling dresses.

With spring comes the need for a spring clean and my attention right now is focused squarely on my wardrobe.  Thick black tights and knitted jumpers will have to be replaced by silky skirts and t-shirts.

I have already started the transition to warm-weather clothing with two new dresses. Perfect for both work and play, my new Sportscraft and Portmans dresses are soft and flowing with sleeves perfect for any lingering bursts of cool weather.

Unlike winter, I probably don’t need to add too many seasonal items to my wardrobe to get through spring and even summer, but there are a few things I have my eyes on:

  • Swimwear: Every gal needs at least one great pair of swimmers and I am completely in love with one of Triangl’s designs. Triangl’s Milly offers the perfect combination of style and support. I was smitten with the Arizona sunset colour but then it was recently released in New York noir and now I am torn.
  • Sandals: I own a lovely pair of royal blue sandals from Zara but need to add a nude pair to my wardrobe. Unfortunately it seems the current trend of slides and mules aren’t going anywhere so my choices are rather limited. I would love any recommendations of great sandals if you have them!
  • Shorts: I always struggle to find shorts I like but hopefully this will be the year of success! I’d love a denim pair that couldn’t possibly be mistaken for underwear, and a soft, flowing neutral pair of shorts that I could dress up.
  • White sneakers: I love my classic black Cons but with spring now here I am keen to add some clean white sneakers to my outfit options. I am rather fond of these Converse Jack Purcell white leather kicks.
  • Bonds: I adore Bonds for stocking up on some of those spring staples like tees and thanks to a big sale recently I have already put in an order for a few key items including relaxed chinos and a soft casual dress.
  • Sunscreen: With my pale skin I definitely need to invest in a top-of-the-line sunscreen.

But enough about me; I would love to know what your spring fashion staples are cause I am just that kind of girl.

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