Predicament of packing


It’s the same thing every time: I wait that little bit too late to begin packing for a trip; as you might expect I then feel rushed and start throwing things in a pile without any rhyme or reason; then I realise I am being an idiot, stop for a moment, remember to breathe; and, inevitably, I turn to writing a list and crossing things off in an attempt to remember everything.

I swore to myself it wouldn’t be the same this time around ahead of my trip back home. I vowed to change my ways, to be more organised and to plan ahead…what a load of rubbish.

Of course it has turned out exactly the same as it always does. I have been so busy getting things done before I go away that packing gets pushed to the end of the line, but now it is here and refused to be ignore any longer.

So I am breaking it down to the key things I absolutely can’t forget to pack and I figure the rest will take care of itself. (*deep breath) Here goes…

  • Essentials: This list includes my phone, iPad, camera and all their chargers. I am packing hayfever tablets in preparation of the change in climate. I have also put aside some reading material for the nine-hour car trips each way, and threw together a passable playlist to keep me entertained.
  • Fashion: I have started with the basics and worked my way up. This means lots of underwear, socks and bras; then t-shirts, tops, a few dresses and a jacket, before moving on to a pair of shorts, a skirt, some pants and jeans. I am also throwing in swimmers and a pair of thongs, as well as a few different styles of shoes, from sneakers to heels, so I am covered for any occasion. Despite what the picture above shows, I am actually planning on tacking some colourful items along with the monochrome mixture I had laid out.
  • Skin and hair care: Now I have completed my Go-To Skincare collection I will be taking that with me to keep my skin glowing and my lips soft. I am also including sunscreen for those long lazy beach days, deodorant because like most sensible people I don’t want to be THAT smelly friend, and my dry shampoo (which I cannot live without). I also have to chuck in hair texture spray to achieve that perfect beachy look that for some weird reason I don’t seem to naturally get from the beach.
  • Make-up: I like to keep in fairly simple when I am on the road and will stick to a primer, a foundation, some eye shadow, my Clinique tubular mascara, Gimme Brow from Benefit to keep my hairy caterpillars in line and a few summery shades of lipstick.
  • Miscellaneous: This is basically a stream of consciousness as things pop into mind but here goes: my toothbrush, razor, jewellery, perfume, hair straighter, wine to give as gifts, and toothpaste because otherwise my toothbrush will be lonely.

I always feel like I am missing something though so if you have any ideas of what I should include don’t be shy – I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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