A holiday full of heart


On the very last day of my trip home I managed to find some time between swimming with the family and catching up with friends to sit on the couch for a moment (with a iced coffee and some coconut Lindt chocolate) and catch up on my reading. This is essentially my idea of a perfect day!

The week away was just what I needed and I left feeling refreshed and so unbelievably relaxed. It wasn’t a quiet week though…

My husband and I managed to squeeze in trips to the beach, a bushwalk around a headland overlooking the ocean, catch ups with friends, about a million games of hide and seek (with our friends’ children, not one another), daily walks, a fantastic night of music, an outdoor movie night and some big sleep ins!

I also relived my childhood with a Bubble O’Bill, tasted buffalo gelato for the first time, stocked up my Vitamin D reserves and drank more than I probably should have and loved every moment.

We spent most of the week with my family, which I needed even more than I had realised. Sometimes there is nothing better in life than sitting down to dinner surrounded by the people you love and just chatting for hours over good food about anything and everything. It’s good for the heart and good for the soul (plus good for the abs if you laugh as much as we do).

But I have been neglecting you all while I relaxed on holidays so now I promise you have my undivided attention. I really would love to know, what do you love about holidaying with family?

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