A fling with spring


Spring has really arrived in Canberra. I mean really, properly, sunshine-in-my-eyes, blossoms-up-my-nose, arrived. Although it has technically been spring since the start of September, it’s wasn’t until this week that is actually felt like the season had well and truly begun.

For me, it is really spring when all the leaves are suddenly full to the boughs of fresh, plump green leaves. It is spring when you can wear a t-shirt for most of the day AND you don’t need to take a jacket with you just in case. It is spring when I need to begin my daily regime of antihistamines. It is spring when a bowl full of ripe, sweet fruit is an acceptable form of lunch. It is spring when Daylight Savings kicks in and suddenly it’s still light at 7pm. It is spring when you dare to bare your pale limbs once again.

While I love having four distinct seasons, there is something special about spring. Maybe it’s because I was born in spring, maybe it’s just my irrepressible love of flowers; either way there is a lot to love about this season.

I spent my Saturday walking through the suburbs, soaking up the sunshine, and picked up some little gems:

  • Fresh flowers to brighten up the apartment
  • Fresh strawberries to fill up my tummy
  • The special outdoors issue of Women’s Health Magazine
  • Three new simple t-shirts from Witchery
  • My next books once I finish reading Gone Girl

How are you enjoying the season?

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