Spring beauty: challenge accepted


Recent events have helped me come to the realisation that during spring I tend to become, well, boring.

There is really no getting around the fact that this season does something to me. As the temperature goes up, the amount of makeup I wear goes down, until I am pretty much sporting neutrals and nudes 24/7.

Luscious lips? I hate to say it but no. Enchanting, colourful eyes? Not a chance. Bold and bright blush? Forget about it.

My spring make-up choices seem to get limited to foundation, a touch of concealer, a brush of nude eye shadow and some mascara. Every. Single. Day. Frankly, it is starting to get embarrassing.

I was inspired to do something about my serious case of neatural-ness by a gorgeous friend of mine who is fearless and fantastic at working colour into her makeup choices. Let me tell you, she rocks a bold lippy like nobody’s business!

With her as my inspiration, I set myself a 10-day challenge for the last 10 days of October to wear a different lipstick every day.

Now I know that some charities have established fantastic days throughout the year to encourage people to wear lipstick and raise funds, however I couldn’t find a single one happening right now. So I have decided instead to create my own challenge and make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to fund research into finding a cure.

I would also like to extend this challenge to all of you: pucker up for the next ten days and donate to a charity of your choice. #springbeautychallenge

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