Spring beauty challenge completed


About two weeks ago I set myself a challenge to be done with beige and add some colour to my life.

I issued a 10-day challenge for the last 10 days of October to wear a different lipstick every day and made a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to fund research into finding a cure.

Now, I just know the question on everyone’s lips is how did I go…

Well, I am happy to announce there wasn’t a day when my lips were unadorned with some colour. I will admit to a few shades bordering on nude or beige but that was due to my limited collection of lippies. But all in all, I embraced wearing different shades on my pout.

I kicked the challenge off with Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Demure, followed by a nude lipstick from Witchery topped with a pink lip gloss in Petal; and on day three I added a pop of colour with Revlon’s Juicy Papaya (what is it with lipstick names?). Estee Lauder and The Body Shop also made an appearance.

I broke out my Chanel for the challenge as well, and finished up the 10-day affair with my super red Chanel lipstick and liner in Passion.

Wearing lipstick is a fun, feminie way of letting your personality and sense of style shine through and I plan on embracing it.

So what did I learn from my little experiment? Firstly, it is wonderful to give to charity for no reason at all except that you want to, but it was also nice to have a bit of fun with it and combine a good cause with a something nice.

Secondly, I need to work on my re-applying and lip liner techniques, because more often than not my lips wear bare by mid afternoon and I would frantically try and rectify this embarrassing situation.

Thirdly, I learnt that I have no reason to be afraid of colour. My concern that it might all be ‘too much’ and I might look ‘overdone’ is just based on silly insecurities. Wearing lipstick is a fun, feminie way of letting your personality and sense of style shine through and I plan on embracing it.

While my #springbeautychallenge has come to an end I would like to extend this challenge to all of you: pucker up for the next ten days (or find your own challenge) and donate to a charity of your choice.

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