Design your dream shoes


Have you ever had a moment when you’ve laid your eyes on something and knew immediately in your soul you just had to have it? Well, I got that feeling recently and I got it bad!

It all started when I clicked onto the Shoes of Prey website to do some digital window shopping.

If you haven’t heard of the brilliant concept that is Shoes of Prey yet then you need to check out their website. Immediately. I’m not kidding. It’s okay, I will wait right here until you are done…




Back? Took a little longer that you expected, am I right? There are too many gorgeous shoes to look at, aren’t there?

I first discovered Shoes of Prey when I was looking for wedding shoes and it wasn’t long before I had my dream pair on my feet, all ready for my Cinderella moment.

What I love about Shoes of Prey is that you can custom-design your own shoes from the soles up and pick the right style, shape, colour, fabric and height for you. Their 3d Designer is so much fun to play with and before you know it you will have designed more shoes that could ever possibly fit into your wardrobe. You can also see plenty of completed designs and be inspired by other shoe enthusiasts’ creations.

I went online planning on designing a pair of simple, versatile flats, but after an hour of playing with fabrics and adjusting heels my digital shopping cart was filled with the most gorgeous leopard print pumps. Oops!

Three weeks later they arrived and after carefully undoing the beautiful packing I laid hands on one hell of a sexy pair of heels. The little platform and three-and-a-half inch wide heel make them unbelievably comfortable. The soft tan leather is supple and the ‘leopard’ hair feels luxurious. Can you tell that I’m in love?

I am already planning outfits in my mind to match with these bad boys. I think I will keep things simple and opt for denim, black, and neutrals to really make the leopard print pop.

So now I have found my perfect pumps I’d love to hear about yours. Do you have a pair of killer heels that are so beautiful you could almost weep?

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