Learning to love yoga


I never really pictured myself doing yoga. It’s not that I didn’t love the idea of practising yoga or the discipline and skill involved, but I just didn’t think I was the yoga ‘type’.

Turns out I was wrong. Since taking up yoga I have learnt that there well and truly isn’t a yoga ‘type’. My small class is made up of people in their 20s through to people in their 70s. There’s a mix of men and women of all sizes, shapes and abilities brought together by one shared interest.

We meet weekly for an hour-and-a-half of stretches, poses and techniques to increase our flexibility, strength and awareness. It doesn’t matter what you wear or how you look. We are encouraged not to compare ourselves to others, but just focus on what we are achieving.

So basically it is all kinds of wonderful suited for all kinds of wonderful people!

Now, I love yoga because:

  • You learn to think about your body in terms of what it is capable of doing, not how it looks.
  • It is regular time out to relax and focus on myself.
  • I am starting to get much more of my flexibility back.
  • It is the perfect excuse to wear my trackies outside of the home.
  • It’s nice to have a passion outside of your work and home life.
  • I am learning how to do a shoulder stand and it feels like a massive accomplishment every time I nail it.
  • I am constantly being surprised by my body and how strong it really is.
  • You get to end class by lying down, closing your eyes and resting for a while in Savasana – so, basically having a very focused nap.
  • My class comes with this warning: “please be aware that if you arrive at class with a frown, you will leave with a smile; if you arrive at class with a slump, you will walk away tall; and if you arrive at class feeling anxious, you will leave relaxed!”
  • I leave class feeling taller, stronger and more focused.
  • The best thing about yoga is you can also practise it at home and I have been trying to make more time to go through sequences in my own time.
  • It’s nice to feel like you are good at something and also to notice improvements within yourself.

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