Fashion essentials for travel

IMG_0751.JPGTrying to work out every possible outfit combination you might need on a two-week trip can be exhausting!
All sorts of scenarios and social situations need to be factored into your wardrobe choices and before you know it you’ve got three bags full of clothes, shoes and accessories and no room left in your car.
This is where being hyper-organised and list-obsessed finally pays off! When it comes to packing clothes for a getaway I have a few simple steps I like to follow:
Write a list: I know that seems an obvious point coming from me but it is the best way to save yourself some packing anxiety and make sure you pack everything you need to. Remember to include even the most obvious items on your checklist because often it’s those things you accidentally leave behind.
Matchy-matchy: Choose clothes that can easily be coordinated, for example a top that could work with shorts, skirts and jeans if needs be. There isn’t much point packing a top that only works with one specific item of clothing. A simple way to get the base of your wardrobe is to go with black, white and grey clothes and then add colour from there with some key pieces and accessories.
Tick all the boxes: Make sure you pack clothes for cold and warm weather conditions. If you are heading to the coast obviously you will mainly need light clothing but even the most beautiful beach can turn chilly so make sure you pack at least a jumper or jacket and a pair of jeans or pants. Layers are also fantastic when you are travelling so choose clothes that could easily be paired with the rest of your wardrobe.
Be ruthless: Do you really need three ‘different’ white tees taking up valuable room in your luggage? Be brutal with your choices and make sure only the most versatile pieces make the cut.
Active outfits: Will you be exercising on your holiday? Planning on hitting up the beach while you’re away? If you’re an active little bunny makes sure to pack clothing appropriate for specific activities like swimming, hiking and exercising.
Save for the shops: This is a no brainer but remember if part of your plans include shopping make sure you have room for your spoils!
I bet your are wondering what clothes made the cut for my trip:
– underwear, bras and socks
– black Triangl swimmers
– exercise gear including an exercise bra and runners
– a range of tees and tops including a few with long sleeves and two newbies from Gorman Clothing
– a fuchsia maxi skirt and a black midi skirt
– two pairs of shorts in denim and pale blue
– a pair of jeans that can be rolled up to 3/4 length
– three dresses – one in navy, one with polka dots and a floral midi-length style
– a classic black jacket
– pyjamas
– two pairs of sandals, a pair of wedges and my thongs
If you are travelling these holidays remember to stay safe, have a blast and look fabulous x

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