Lorna Jane Fit Challenge


It was time for a change and it was time for something new so as of tomorrow I am taking part in a brand new challenge. I’ve signed up to complete the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge.

From 2 February I will be taking part in the 12-week fitness challenge with the goal of increasing my fitness levels, losing some weight and getting focused. (It would also be a very nice plus if I end up looking fab in a bikini on our holiday to Hawaii!)

The challenge involves a focus on regular exercise, a healthy diet (but no counting calories), and a positive mindset and I am excited to push myself once again.

As part of the challenge I was given a copy of the Clean and Simple Eating cookbook, a 12-week Move Guide, the Ultimate Fit Girl day planner and an inspirational top to rock as I’m exercising around town.

I have to admit that it was a bit scary writing this down and sharing it with the world, because of an ever-present fear of failure, but I refuse to be afraid. This year is the year of being bold and being brave and so I plan on sharing my progress here on the blog and through my Instagram @littlelistofmine and my Facebook page.

If you want to find out more about the Lorna Jane Fitness Challenge check out the Move Nourish Believe website or search #ljfitchallenge on social media.

Are you taking part in the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge? How do you like to stay fit and healthy?

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