Slow start to my Saturday


My body has been feeling a little bit tired, a little bit sore and a little bit needy the past few days because I’ve been pushing it harder than normal, so I decided to treat myself to a lazy start to my weekend.

After what can only be described as an incredibly delightful sleep-in, I dragged myself out of my comfortable bed and whipped up some coffees for the hubby and me.

I called my mother dearest to wish her a happy birthday.

I watched a random episode of The Big Bang Theory.

I flicked through the latest edition of Women’s Health Magazine and got a healthy dose of #Whfitspo.

I attempted to make an effort with some lip colour and gloss (even though I am still in my pjs as I type this).

I ate a passionfruit because it is summer still and I can.

I did a little bit of stretching and yoga to loosen up.

I admired my gorgeous new dress from Gorman Clothing that arrived last night (I had been lusting over this lobster print for months and finally picked up this silk dress on sale – praise the online shopping gods).

All it in it was a morning without plans or schedules and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Every now and then you just need a break from it all to do absolutely nothing and be okay with that.

How are you spending your weekend?

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