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“Basics shouldn’t be boring. Create your style one micro collection at a time.” It was this tag line that enticed me to look closer at a creative the self-described “happiest fashion brand, ever!”

Popbasic is an American-based business offering limited edition, micro fashion collections based around a balance of high quality basics and some on-trend pieces.

Every month an email pops up in my inbox with their latest offering. The beauty of this concept is you could ideally end up with a lot of little sets that could also form one fantastic collection.

As well as micro collections, Popbasic also offers a few key pieces for sale including some gorgeous Le Breton striped tops and soft leather clutches.

I missed out on the Amelie Collection the first time around, but one quick email to the delightful Madeline Veenstra, co-founder of Popbasic, and I had my hands on the versatile Le Breton dress, a silver necklace and the infinity knot bracelet. A soft grey clutch with a rose gold zip caught my eye and I threw it in my digital shopping basket for good measure!

To my surprise, a few extra goodies were included among my new purchases and I am now the proud owner of some gorgeous new jewellery and a white and grey infinity scarf.

Without a doubt the star of all the items was the Paloma leather clutch, which I immediately added to my outfit for an event that same day. It is versatile, dreamy and beautifully finished. The generous size meant I could also easily fit in all my bits and pieces and just walk out the door.

I am obviously not the only one to fall under the Popbasic spell: there is a fantastic online community sharing their love of the collections through social media and every time I described the concept to friends they immediately jump on to the website to investigate it for themselves.

So I should probably apologise in advance if you end up catching the Popbasic bug too!


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