Little space of mine


Living in a small, one-bedroom apartment means space is at a premium. Living in a small, one-bedroom apartment with someone else means personal space is essential (no matter how much you like/love/tolerate them).

I would like to declare a few things right up front before we delve too deeply on the issue of personal space. Firstly, I love my husband. Secondly, I am a patient person (most of the time). Thirdly, we have lived together in a small apartment for almost eight years now….

…Did I mention I have the patience of a saint?

Living in an apartment does have its benefits: I am close to some of Canberra’s best shops, cafes and bars; it takes about 25 minutes to clean the entire place; and I don’t have to worry about mowing lawns (#winning). The downside is that often you live right on top of whoever you are sharing that space with.

While my husband and I live together peacefully most of the time, a girl needs her space.

For the past 11 months that I have been writing this blog I have made the dining table my “office”. The poor table also seems to be the dumping ground for magazines, books, gym gear, loose change and just about anything that hasn’t found a permanent home in the apartment yet.

While it has performed well above its weight as a make-do office it was time to trade the living room in for something more appropriate (and, you know, keep the table free for things like eating).

I decided with a little moving and some smart shopping I could set up a little office in my little bedroom that would become a home for Little List of Mine. I found a perfectly-sized table with a drawer (which anyone who lives in an apartment will appreciate because it means I now have one more spot to store things) that didn’t come too far out into the bedroom and block my path to the door. I already had a spare chair and I “invested” in the world’s cutest lamp ever.

With the laptop in place, a spot for some flowers and my notebooks at the ready I was good to go. My husband added the pièce de résistance by hanging our wedding photos above my new writing space.

And that is the story of how this little blog found a new little home x

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