First year of the blog

In many ways I still can’t believe I have reached this milestone, but without a doubt, and far too quickly, it has arrived. This week my little blog turned one.

On 24 March, 2014, the very first blog post of Little List Of Mine went live. I remember the excitement and sheer panic of that moment and after months of thinking about it, planning, changing my mind, and then changing it back again, the blog was suddenly all too real.

In those very early days I was so nervous of failing, but also of discovering that I didn’t really like blogging after all, so I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing expect for my husband and my sister who became my confidants in those early days.

Those early months were thrilling but tough. I had to build the blog and all its social media accounts from scratch, and because it was still a secret I couldn’t just rely on my friends and family to boost my following. Every like and every comment felt like such a win, and slowly but surely it started to grow.

I eventually got over my fears and sense of self-doubt and told those people around me what I was doing and of course they couldn’t have been more supportive of my new-found passion. Once it became public knowledge I suddenly had people talking to me about ideas, things the liked and blogging in general, and it felt great to be able to share it with my friends and family.

As the blog grew I branched out and started writing about different things, getting a feel for what worked and what didn’t. I loved playing with my photography and finding my own style for the blog and also the Instagram account. The voice and the style of the site certainly developed over the past 12 months, including a move from Blogger to WordPress with a whole new look.

While there have been many highs in the past year, like opportunities to travel, new friends and new additions to the family, and the chance to share my passions through writing, there have also been some lows, including the loss of two people I love very dearly. But being able to channel the good and the bad through this blog has helped immensely, forcing me to reflect on and value everything happening to me and around me.

It makes me glad that I took my own advice from the original post: “There are times in life when you just have to stop yourself from being a massive sook, suck it up, put on your big girl pants and take a chance.”

From my experience, there seems to be a lot of trial and error in the first year of a blog as it grows, matures and eventually finds its direction. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a solid group of supporters that stick with you as you find your place and in that regard I feel like I have been incredibly lucky. I have met so many interesting, kind and supportive people through this blog that inspire me every day. So can I just thank you (yes, you) sincerely and with real enthusiasm for the love you have shown me.

But where to from here? I feel like the blog will continue to mature and change as I (hopefully) mature and change; but because of the base I have built since last year I feel more confident going forward of the direction I want to take.

Now that I’ve found the voice for Little List Of Mine I can’t wait to flex it, play with it, shout a little and have some fun, and I hope you will be there to listen, shout back at me and share in what’s to come.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Congratulations Joni – a year of Little List of Mine is certainly something to celebrate!!

    Here’s to many more years of fantastic stories about food, travel, fashion and life… I know I can’t wait to read more of your adventures (especially now I’m away!).


    1. Little List Of Mine says:

      Thanks Nicole!


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