March 2015: I am thankful for…

March has been a month of dabbling in autumn fashion, compulsive television viewing, crossing things of lists, copious amounts of coffee and some major milestones.

Sticking to my grand plan of taking a moment each month to reflect on the days that had passed and share what I am thankful for, here is my list for March…

  • Being a (fake) aunty. Last month I wrote about the joy I am getting in my new role as Aunty Joni to my adorable little nephew, but for years my friends have generously let me play at being an aunty to their awesome kids. They’ve put up with my general lack of knowledge relating to anything to do with children, while I’ve gotten to play with, laugh at and marvel in the little humans they’ve brought into this world. With some recent arrivals and more little humans on the way I’m excited to put on my faux-aunty hat again. Thanks guys.
  • Autumn fashion. One of the best things about autumn is the fashion and some of the best things about autumn fashion are often the boots. I blogged about my favourites for the season, and now I am just trying to work out which ones I can sensibly afford to bring into my life considering I’m busy saving for my holiday. #firstworldproblems
  • Coffee. Oh coffee, how I love you. You have been my savour in this month of seemingly never-ending sleepless nights. Thanks for being delicious and helping me face the world each day. Love, Joni xxx
  • Balloons. I’ll admit that I’m not such a fan of yours in the party form when you pop unexpectedly but I do love you in the form of a hot air balloon. So when a whole bunch of hot air balloons get together to look pretty and celebrate how spectacular they are, I’m in! I did write about the Canberra Balloon Spectacular last month so enjoy.
  • Stripes. In March I had an image of mine shared on PopBasic’s Instagram account winning a $50 voucher which I then put straight towards one of their gorgeous striped Le Breton tops.  It was classic, comfortable and free – what’s not to like?
  • My Sydney sister. I managed to fit in a quick visit to Sydney where I got to spend a day with my sister, catch up on all the gossip, watch movies, eat ourselves silly at The Grounds of Alexandria and just enjoy having each other around.
  • BB Cream. I got my hands on The Body Shop’s new all-in-one BB Cream recently and am in love. It is just what I was looking for – something to even out my complexion, add a little colour but not completely cover my freckles, and still look natural.
  • The Walking Dead. Again. Yep I was thankful for this last month too, but damn it, it’s just so good! I just finished season five and was getting way too involved in the finale (there may have been air punching, cursing and some hiding under a blanket). But now I have that horrible hole that follows finishing a season and need to fill it with something good stat.
  • Dry Shampoo. This little bugger puts in the hard work and gets me an extra day or two of good hair between washes. Enough said.
  • Milestones. In March my little blog turned one! I wrote a little piece about my experiences starting the site, watching it grow and where to next.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Nicole says:

    Busy month J!

    I think the series Damages might be the show to fill the void (warning: it is addictive and you will end up binge watching it).


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