Picture-perfect moments

There are some moments in life that are so beautiful, fantastic, hilarious, exciting or wondrous that you find yourself just wishing you had a camera handy so you could capture them forever…

…and every so often you find yourself in luck!

On the four-day Easter weekend I found myself in one of those such moments completely by surprise. Holidaying on the South Coast of NSW, we were out for a walk around the Merimbula Lake and over to the beach when we noticed groups of people looking out over the bridge at something in the water.

I had a feeling I knew what was behind this flurry of interest and it turned out I was right: in recent years a seal had taken up residence underneath the town’s main bridge, much to the delight of locals and tourists.

The seal was sunbaking, blending in with the rocks around it that were scarily similar in colouring. If it could hear the squeals of delight from above it played things cool and pretended not to notice.

It just so happens I had brought my camera with me to get some family snapshots at the beach so I began to take some photos of the local celeb.

We stood with the crowd and ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ politely while the seal slept, but slowly the group grew smaller. My companions began to move towards the beach and I had just decided to pack away my camera when the seal, as if on cue, decided it was time for some fun.

With a giant yawn it was suddenly upright and seemed very aware of the attention from above, turning and almost posing for the camera.

Before I knew it there was then a ‘splash’ and all I could do was frantically snap away hoping I was getting something good. The cheeky bugger then frolicked in the water, spinning and turning for all to see, before floating underneath the bridge with the current.

As it disappeared beneath us I switched my camera to play mode to see what photos I had managed to get…

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