Blog interrupted: quick update


 I feel really obnoxious complaining about this, but my busy social life of late has gotten in the way of my writing. Yeah, I know; sucks to be me.

 Between holidays, catch-ups, date nights, brunches, birthdays and work there has been little time for sitting down at my computer and contemplating life and all that jazz. 

 So I thought I would do a quick update to bring us all up to speed. While we’re at it, I’d love to know what you’ve been busy with recently too. Feel free to share in the comments below.

  • What I’ve been watching: Season five of Game of Thrones started last night and that empty void I’d been battling since finishing season five of The Walking Dead has been filled. Success! Did you watch the first episode last night?
  • What I’ve been drinking: Ginger beer – both the standard variety and the alcoholic kind. Can’t get enough of the stuff.
  • What I’ve been wearing: My new ankle strap boots from Trenery. I blogged about my favourite boots for autumn a few weeks ago and just couldn’t resist getting a pair of these leather boots with a signature contrast sole, little heel and wraparound buckle.
  • What I’ve been using: Coconut skincare products. I don’t know whether it’s just a desperate attempt to cling to summer on my behalf or that I really love the smell of coconuts, but lately I’ve be loco for coconuts.
  • What I’ve been planning: After some trips to Melbourne, Sydney and the South Coast I am trying to get my head back into my upcoming holiday to Hawaii. Less than four weeks to go and the excitement is building!
  • What I’ve been eating: Easter eggs; or at least I am trying to eat Easter eggs. Funny thing, every time I go to grab some chocolate left over from the holidays there seems to be considerable les of my stash left. It is either the sweeties monster known as my husband or I’ve been sleep walking again.
  • What I’ve been listening to: Hozier’s self-titled album. Religiously. On repeat. Can’t get enough of it.
  • What I’ve been writing: A list of everything I still need to do, buy and organise before our holiday. This will be my first international trip in a few words and I feel like such a travel newbie all over again.
  • What I’ve been lusting over: Urban Decay’s NAKED eye shadow palettes. This is the first thing I want to buy in what will most likely be a whirlwind of shopping sprees at Waikiki. But I haven’t settled on which palette is my favourite yet.
  • What I’ve been doing: Taking care of myself. I’ve been trying to catch up on my sleep after some delightful bouts of insomnia, and let myself rest and relax. It’s not always easy for me to switch off, so this has taken considerable effort to achieve.

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