Fairy floss fashion

The colour of fairy floss with a nice big bow and pockets to match: I never stood a chance against this gorgeous dress.

I do love a good deal and recently Trenery was offering a great one for its joint members with Country Road with a certain amount of cash off purchases. So when I dropped into my local store to get my new autumn boots a few weeks ago I had a quick look around before hitting up the cash register, just in case something caught my eye.

And boy, did it ever!

I was immediately drawn to a soft pink print before I even knew that it formed a dress. Trenery’s Checked spot dress in fairy floss is just delightful; with a mid sleeve length perfect for all seasons.

The pastel dress drapes and gathers softly in an incredibly flattering way, but I was immediately drawn to the detailing in the top section of the dress which features gorgeous layering above the waistline.  Plus, I am a sucker for any dress or skirt with pockets.

I was smitten (and they were basically giving the dress away thanks to the members’ offer). SO really, it would have been silly NOT to buy it….right?

I’d love to know, what was your most recent impulse buy and why?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Nicole says:

    It looks gorgeous! Good purchase decision me thinks 🙂


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