April 2015: I am thankful for…


Signalling the middle of autumn, this year April has also been about family, travel, new arrivals and a whole lotta work.

Sticking to my grand plan of taking a moment each month to reflect on the days that had passed and share what I am thankful for, here is my list for April…

  • Rose garden. I was invited to a baby shower and high tea at Old Parliament House last month and while I was there I took some time to explore the beautiful rose gardens. I can only imagine how glorious they are in spring and have already made mental plans to return when the roses are back in season.
  • Chanel and macarons. The only thing sweeter than the amazing salted caramel macarons from Dream Cuisine is a little bit of Chanel. 
  • Movies nights. I was invited to a preview screening of Age of Adaline by my good friend (and my style sister) at Palace Cinemas in the Nishi Building. It was my first time visiting this cinema and the Prosecco Bar immediately won me over. We used the movie as an excuse for a cheeky glass of red in the ridiculously cool Monster Kitchen and Bar upstairs. 
  • Anzac Day. This year my husband and I attended the moving Anzac Day Dawn Service at the Australia War Memorial. It was his first dawn service in Canberra and it was a momentous one at that. It was a time for reflection and gratitude, and helped put a few things into perspective.
  • Cold and flu tablets. When I originally typed this in it changed to cold and fly tablets which sounds much more fun than the reality! The last few weeks of April have been littered with colds and sickness unfortunately and these, along with sleep and hot lemon drinks, have been a lifesaver.
  • Family catch ups. Easter provided a great opportunity to spend time with family, but we were also lucky enough to have some visit us in April for a weekend. Considering our families are so spread out, we cherish any time we get to spend with the people we love so much.
  • Online shopping. With our trip to Hawaii now so close I can almost taste it online shopping has been a saviour for getting those last little things we will need on our travels…you know, things like Seafolly bikinis. So, essentials…
  • Hot cakes. In April I finally got to taste hot cakes I had been admiring on a Instagram for weeks! The Cupping Room’s autumn menu had been particularly awesome but these pretty hot cakes with honeycomb, figs and berries were just too gorgeous to pass up. 

What were you most thankful for in April? 

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