What to take as carry on: Hawaiian edition

As much as I love flying, there inevitably comes a point in every international flight when the excitement wears off and the realities of travel kick in…

The long hours in a confined space combined with air conditioning, time differences and a lack of sleep can leave you feeling like something close to death (and potentially looking like something from The Walking Dead).

Taking the right items onboard with you when you fly is the key to looking and feeling good when you touch down at your destination.

As I sat down to write this little list I realised it might actually be useful for other keen travellers. So without further ado, I present the top ten items I’ll be taking with me as carry on when I jet set off to Hawaii:

  • Passport: This is a no brainer and yet I constantly hear horror stories of people forgetting to pack their passports. Put this at the top of every list and make sure it is the first thing to be packed and triple check you have it before you walk out your front door for your holiday (just in case).
  • Travel documents: Travel seems to involve a ridiculous amount of documents: accommodation reservations, plane tickets, car rental bookings, passports, insurance, a list of the best places for happy hour cocktails. While I have copies of everything in my emails, it pays to have print outs just in case. I will be taking all my travel information with me this time in my Popbasic Paloma clutch with rose gold zip.
  • Ebooks: Despite my tactile love of books, I have to admit that ebooks are just perfect for travellers. Before a flight I make sure I have a good selection of reading material on hand. I will have the entire Game Of a thrones series to get through this time, but you can also download travel books for your destination.
  • Silk eye mask: As a (normal) person who finds it hard to sleep on a plane I am hoping that my Silk Bowerbird jet setter eye mask set will make all the difference. The 100% pure silk eye mask comes in a cute silk clutch with a convenient pocket for things like ear plugs, headphones and sleeping tablets if necessary.
  • Face mist: A spritz of The Body Shop’s Vitamin E face mist is just what I’ll need to feel fresh faced and alert after our overnight flight. An instant hit of moisture, this mist with a rose water scent is also the perfect size for travelling at 100ml.
  • Go-to Skin Care: My Go-to Skin Care is my not-so-secret weapon for this trip. I plan on taking my Very Useful Face Cream and Lips! first class (aka in my carry on), while the rest of the skin care collection will be travelling in economy (aka my checked luggage). I plan on touching up my skin throughout the flight and after landing to keep it in great shape.
  • BB cream: I do love this BB cream from the Body Shop and it is the perfect ‘make up’ to take travelling. I don’t want to walk off the plane with a full face of products; I’d rather just look fresh faced with a healthy glow and Beyonce’s lashes. This will give me that…the even coverage and glow, not Queen Bey’s enviable eyelashes.
  • Gimme brow: After getting my glow on a quick brush over the eyebrows with Benefit Cosmetic’s Gimme Brow will set them in shape and look like I’ve gone to much more effort than I really have at 7am.
  • A fresh shirt: A little stop before boarding a domestic flight in Hawaii gives me time for a quick wardrobe change, so a new shirt is making the cut. I love something simple in a top like a classic white Bonds tee.
  • Hand cream: The final step, a quick burst of delicious scent courtesy of an invigorating hand cream.  I am loving Crabtree and Evelyn’s pomegranate hand therapy at the moment.

Currently you are allowed to bring one small bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in your carry on into the Unites States of America. Each container must be less than 100ml and fit in a clear plastic zip-top bag. My rule of advice is if in doubt, put any valuable creams, liquids and aerosols in with your checked baggage so there is no risk in having them taken from you.

Happy travels. 

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