May 2015: I am thankful for…

I just can’t believe that the middle of the year has already arrived! How is it possible I am looking back on the month of May already?

The past four weeks have been a whirlwind of adventure, travel, work and fun. After a tough start to the year I finally felt like I had time to just relax and completely let go. 

Here are some of the many things I was thankful for in May…

  • Rest and relaxation. In May we travelled to Hawaii for a wedding and holiday and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My body was mentally and physically exhausted, I had been sick for three weeks and I was desperate for some R&R. The trip was just what I needed; the perfect balance of adventure and rest. I will be blogging about my trip in the next few days so keep an eye out.
  • Tiffany & Co. Every girl deserves a little Tiffany and I was lucky enough to buy myself a necklace while in Waikiki. I was doubly lucky that my husband spoilt me with another necklace. It took 28 years to get my hands on two of those iconic blue jewellery boxes and it was worth the wait.
  • Date night. On the weekend we set aside our Saturday night for a date night to the movies. Too much popcorn and a lot of laughs made for a great night. I recently blogged about the movies I want to see this winter and hopefully in June I can tick some more off the list.
  • My mum. I wasn’t able to spend Mother’s Day with my mum because we were on two separate flights making our way to Hawaii, but thanks to the time difference she did get to celebrate it all again when she landed. My mum is incredible and I feel so lucky we got to share some of our holiday with her and my dad.
  • Cocktails. Lots of these were enjoyed this month and I mean LOTS! Mai tais, mojitos and margaritas were our drinks of choice and it did take a few days back home to get over my holiday withdrawals.
  • Bonds undies. I have always loved Bonds underwear but their latest Bonds 100 collection is the bomb! The floral bra and underwear set is ridiculously comfortable and super cute. 
  • Fruit and vegetables. We ate the most ridiculous and delicious food while we were away – chilli cheese fries, burgers, hot cakes and coconut prawns included – so it was no surprise we were craving fresh fruits and vegetables when we got home. After a trip to our local markets our fridge and cupboards were overflowing with watermelon, rockmelon, carrots, rocket, spinach, honeydew melon, raspberries, capsicum, olives, beetroot and way too much sweet potato. We have lived off fruit salad for breakfast served with homemade muesli and Greek yogurt ever since.
  • Flannelette sheets. Winter is here and on the last day of autumn we replaced our sheets with the most incredible set of flannelette sheets. Softer than a cloud, this delightful sheet set kept me so warm as we transitioned into winter. Best. Decision. Ever.
  • Sons of Anarchy. I wrote earlier in the year about my need to replace my Walking Dead addiction with another engaging TV series. Game of Thrones certainly fills the void every Monday, but it has been Sons of Anarchy that has got me excited again. I had watched the first five seasons previously but decided to rewatch season five before starting season six. I don’t want to give anything away to those who haven’t discovered this series yet but it is all types of awesome. There are some moments in season five that just kill me though and I did cry again watching one particular jail scene…
  • Honey bronze. My mum is a big fan of The Body Shop so I had seen some of the Honey Bronze range before, but in Hawaii I got my hands on the new Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist, which creates the perfect natural-looking honey glow, perfect for fair skin like mine. It doesn’t seem to be available in Australia yet but for now check out their dry body oil, face gel and bronzing powder.

What were you most thankful for in May?

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