Wanted: one workable wardrobe please

I’m on a mission to clear out my wardrobe of everything out of date, damaged, ill-fitting and just plain ugly in a bid to not only clean up my cupboards but to create a workable wardrobe that clearly defines my sense of style…the only problem is I have no idea what my fashion style even is!

My wardrobe is in desperate need of some attention. I’ve been putting off this clothing cull for a while now, removing a few pieces here and there in a desperate bid to keep a full blown clean out at bay. But the time has finally come to bite the bullet and start sorting.

Despite the stacks of tee-shirts and jeans piled (or more accurately “thrown”) into my cupboards and the clothes hangars dripping with dresses and jackets, I never seem to have anything to wear. How is that even possible?

I think one of my problems is that I buy lots of individual pieces over time with no real plan on how they will all work together and so they just don’t. I really just need to start focusing on working with a smaller amount of key pieces that are as versatile as they are gorgeous. 

My wardrobe needs a makeover!

But it’s not the only thing is dire need of some attention…

I have never really given much thought to my own sense of style. I can pick it out on others fairly quickly (preppy, exotic, clean cut or I-will-wear-whatever’s-clean) but when it comes to my own fashion identity I draw a blank. 

I am not super feminine, but much too girly for a masculine fashion edge. 

I’m not nearly preppy enough to be considered preppy and don’t really tick any of the boxes for glam or exotic.

I like some of the principals of the minimalist trend but am too lazy to be able to pull off that effortless (but actually takes a lot of work to look this casual) look.

The closest I can come to is a kind of classic look without too much styling…if that is even a thing.

So I thought I would use this clean out as the excuse I have been waiting for to put some thought into this and come away with a clear sense of style. I really think this will help me define my look, resist fashion impulse buys and trends in the future, and instead just focus on growing a quality workable wardrobe that’s versatile and fun.

I’d love to hear from you though about your own sense of style and how you define it! How would you describe it? What kind of clothes or trends are allowed? Do you have a signature look and when you go shopping for clothes do you have your style in mind?

(Also, any and all cleaning and organisational tips for wardrobes are welcome. I need all the help I can get.)

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  1. kate says:

    Good luck with it, Joni, you won’t regret it. I started writing a few tips for you which turned into a few paragraphs so it might turn it into a blog post instead! The best two pieces of advice I can give are:
    1. Dress for you, no one else.
    2. “Have nothing in your house (or wardrobe) that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”


    1. Little List Of Mine says:

      Glad I could act as inspiration! I really love that advice Kate, especially the part about usefulness and beauty!


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