June 2015: I am thankful for…

 And just like that, June is done and dusted! This year seems to be passing by at an incredible speed. Sometimes taking some time out to reflect is a good way to appreciate how much you have achieved and enjoyed in those fleeting moments. 

Sticking to my grand plan of taking a moment each month for reflections and thanks, here is my list of what I was thankful for in June…

  • Kate Spade. In Hawaii I indulged my love for Kate Spade and that love affair has continued since I returned home. I found a great place in Sydney by the name of Papier D’Amour that stocks and delivers a great collection of Kate Spade bags, purses, jewellery and homewares, and a few items may it may not have appeared in my digital shopping trolley in recent weeks. 
  • Flatlay inspo. I was lucky enough to go to a talk by Instagrammer, photographer and stylist Margaret Zhang at the start of the month and left with a renewed passion for perfecting my flatlays and photos. I’ve had some fun trying out her suggested techniques and wrote a little post about her top tips if you wanted to know more.
  • Winter coats. One of the best parts of winter is the fashion and winter coats are simply wonderful to wear. At the moment I am mad about my new Trenery trench coat and my Seed Heritage khaki parka
  • Duty-free Scotch. Enough said.
  • Reading. I’ve been making an effort to catch up on my reading in the past few weeks and made the gigantic decision to delve back into the world of the Game of Thrones series. It’s a big commitment but one I am happy to make. 
  • Underground parking. With temperatures regularly dipping below zero overnight and frosts blanketing cars in ice almost every morning I am ridiculously thankful I have an underground car space. (Please note, I will probably still be thankful for this in the July and August editions, so prepare yourself for some repetition!)
  • Movie dates. I was so excited to see Jurassic World when it was released and rushed out to the movies with my big guy. The night got even better when we ordered popcorn and it was both fresh and warm (WHAT!) and no one sat in front of us in the cinema. #winning
  • Good coffee. After getting a taste of American coffee I have been thankful each and every day for some of the great coffee here in Australia. Since coming back from my break I’ve hit up some of the hottest coffee spots in Canberra including Two Before Ten, The Cupping Room and Penny University. 
  • Merimbula. My husband and I are lucky enough to have family living only a few hours away on one of the most beautiful parts of the South Coast of NSW. We escaped the cold for a few days at the end of June and enjoyed long walks by the lake, sat and watched the sun set, swapped holiday stories and enjoyed some lovely bottles of wine. It is such a fantastic place to relax and rejuvenate. 

What were you most thankful for in June?

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