Annual winter migration

Every winter I try and travel back to my family home, making my way from Canberra through NSW and up to the Mid North Coast. It’s the perfect chance to reconnect with my family and friends and take some time out to relax.

One of my favourite parts of this most recent trip was a day out at Smoky Cape  near South West Rocks for lunch and some whale watching from the lighthouse. We were lucky enough to see lots of different groups of whales making their way from Antarctica up North along the coastline for breeding season.

Standing high on a narrow headland, Smoky Cape Lighthouse is surrounded by the stunning coastal scenery of Hat Head National Park. The lighthouse itself is as beautiful as the views – check out its winding staircase and octagonal tower.

From the Smoky Cape lookout we saw an amazing display and were so captivated we must have watched the migrating packs for at least an hour. The whales came quite close to the coast, coming between the shoreline and the popular dive spot Fish Rock as they passed us by.

The weather was a ridiculously sunny 21 degrees and while the locals complained about the “winter chill” I dared to roll up my jeans to show all kinds of ankle! It was such a gorgeous day to be on the coast with gorgeous people I love the most.

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