Beginnings of a wardrobe overhaul

 A few weeks ago I was all talk about a great new master plan to completely clear out my wardrobe and overhaul my sense of style. Then, as it tends to do, life got in the way…

But I found some time on the weekend to start the process of clearing out the jam-packed shelves and swore I would made a huge dint in the giant task that lay before me. Then, as it tends to do, boredom got in the way…

In good news, after some procrastinating, delaying, napping and Instagramming I finally managed to sort through and stack my jeans. 

Yes, I know it wasn’t the most productive of days but sometimes you just can’t force these things. I plan of chipping away at it piece by piece until motivation strikes. Eventually I would like to have sorted through my entire wardrobe, including shoes, handbags, accessories and jewellery, and gained a better idea of my own sense of style.

But despite the slow start, I did actually learn a few things:

  • I already knew I loved stripes but I might have underestimated just how many striped clothes I own. May need to undertake a stripe detox…
  • I seem to have slight hoarder tendencies if my collection of jeans is anything to go by. I culled from about 10 pairs down to four and got rid of jeans from more than 10 years ago which I didn’t even know I had!
  • I love the colour blue and that is reflected in my wardrobe. I might need to break the mould a little and try other colours once in a while. You know, go crazy and wear green…
  • I need to learn to thrown out items once I’ve replaced them with better quality pieces (I mean I have three khaki jackets, which is just stupid).
  • The next time I try and cull I really need to separate any emotional attachment or aspirations I have for my clothes. That sounds so ridiculous but the amount of times I haven’t thrown out a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit/is dated/I haven’t worn in years/isn’t flattering because one day I might wear it is even more ridiculous! 
  • I really like black Bonds trackies and may or may not own like five pairs that are almost identical…
  • I’ve got some nice pieces practically hidden away behind work outfits that I need to break out more and enjoy.
  • I definitely have the bones for a fantastic wardrobe once this clean out is done and I see exactly what I am working with. 

What’s the state of your wardrobe? 

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