From where I stand…

I adore Instagram!  I love scrolling down through my stream of other Instagrammers’ photos and admiring their creativity, composition and objects of affection. I also love sharing my own snapshots of life. 

I have embraced some of the different Instagram trends like the #flatlay and taking creative #fromwhereistand shots. I am also partial to some food porn photography and sharing photos of what’s #onmydesk.

What are your favourite types of photos to share on Instagram? Who are your favourite Instagrammers?

I recently put together a Steller album featuring a collection of some of my favourite #fromwhereistand images. Here is a little snapshot of some of the photos that I shared on this cool app…

 From where I stand: Flowers make me ridiculously happy. 

 From where I stand: Scarves and jackets season is almost upon us!

 From where I stand: Surrounded by so many beautiful blooms! 

 From where I stand: I’m a sucker for succulents. 

 From where I stand: Taking time to stop and smell the roses. 

 From where I stand: I love the crunch of autumn leaves. 

 From where I stand: The summer holiday is coming to an end…

 From where I stand: Shake your Pom Pom, shake your Pom Pom!

From where I stand: One of my favourite attempts at dress-ups. 

 From where I stand: Beautiful blooms and autumn leaves. 

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