July 2015: I am thankful for…

Looking back on the past few weeks made me realise July was an action-packed month full of change, travel, decisions and fun.

Taking time to reflect on life is a good way to appreciate how much you have achieved and enjoyed in those fleeting moments. (Plus, another month down means we are that much closer to spring!)

Here is what I was thankful for in July…

  • Gym. At the end of July I signed up to a Fernwood Fitness gym with one of my friends and since then I’ve tried my first pump classes, Zumba, BoxFit and a Functional Fit session. I have loved getting back into regular exercise and the challenge of pushing my body and trying new things. Next on the hit list is RMP!
  • Time out. Last month I took a few days out to head home and spend some time with my family. We went whale watching, caught up with friends, walked my brother’s two new puppies and relaxed at home. It was nice to take it easy, spend time with people I love and just chill out.
  • Peach roses. This winter I have been gravitating toward fresh peach roses at my local green grocer. I just love the summery colour of these blooms.
  • Home. After some rather disastrous travel towards the end of July I have a new found appreciation for being home. I love my husband, I love our apartment and I love this city I live in.
  • Skin care. A much needed Go-To Skin Care order in July meant I no longer had to squeeze out every last inch of my Very Useful Face Cream. I also stocked up on Face Hero, the amazing Exfoliating Swipeys and some Properly Clean face wash. My skin was very happy with this development!
  • Witchery dress. I snapped up this Chambray dress from Witchery while killing time at the Sydney airport. It’s the perfect weekend piece for all seasons and can be layered up with black tights and boots or paired back simply with sandals.
  • Thermos. My polka dot Kate Spade thermos has been getting a work out this winter with my husband making me a coffee when I have to catch a bus to work! Any excuse to add Kate Spade to my day really…
  • Yoga. I signed up for a series of mid-week yoga classes and found it is the perfect way to break up my work week and feel refreshed and focused. It has been great getting my body and mind back into a meditative state and to stretch out my muscles after some tough gym sessions.
  • Tiffany & Co. I blogged about my new Tiffany necklaces last month and heard some lovely stories from people about their favourite Tiffany pieces and the stories behind them. I’ve been wearing my necklace with a heart tag and small key pendent all the time and love having such a classic piece of jewellery in my collection.

What were you most thankful for in July?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Possum says:

    And how fabulous it was to catch up with you .. seems like ages ago now X


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